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Thanks for stopping by heartgeek.  I started this blog to share my cardiac experience, recovery, and road to wellness.  My hope is that by sharing these experiences, I can help you have a more positive recovery, enjoy a heart healthy lifestyle, and hopefully have a little fun along the way.

Cardiac Arrest at 41:  How did I get here?

I experienced a cardiac arrest, heart attack, and subsequent bypass surgery at the relatively young age of 41.  Once I woke up in the hospital, I asked “how did I get here” every five minutes for the first couple of days.  I think I was embarrassed that an ambulance had picked me up in front of the neighbors!  I am sure no one was surprised that even though I was heavily sedated, I still found a way to be self conscious and annoying at the same time.  Eventually my family wrote what happened on a white board and pointed!  How I really got there was bad genes and an enthusiasm for nicotine, alcohol, and bad food.  Those factors indicated what was likely  to come, but we were all a little surprised by the severity of my cardiac event.

At the time of my event, my daughter was three years old and my wife was five months pregnant with our son.  From a timing perspective, I could have been a little more considerate.  I survived thanks to the immediate actions of my wife and outstanding paramedics and doctors.  A much more detailed description of those first minutes, hours, and days can be found here (it’s a little graphic).

Dying’s Easy; It’s Living That’s Hard

Leaving the safe haven of the hospital that had been my home for a couple of weeks was scary. Left to my own devices, we see what can happen.  What was life going to be like – oh, and how long will I survive?

They say dying can be a life altering event.  In those early days, I treated it more as an event that happened and needed to be put in the past.  The next several months were a daze. I remember a lot of naps and walking with the old people at the mall.  I even considered buying black socks and all white Reeboks to fit in with my new demographic.

In many ways, I tried to resume my formal normal life, stay status quo, instead of starting a new healthy life.  It took me many years to realize just how lucky I was to have a second chance.  And, to realize that a healthy life needs to be planned.  I hope that the information I provide here can be a shortcut to heart healthy living for those that recently went through a cardiac arrest, heart attack, bypass, or just as importantly, those seeking a preventive plan.  My intent is to provide:

  • The best, up-to-date information related to heart health.
  • Exercise and diet tips – backed up by my own experiments and progress
  • Informative reviews of technologies and tools (many that I have used) to monitor and improve heart health.
  • A community of heartgeeks to help and support each other in getting healthier and enjoying life.

My journey to heart health was somewhat aimless up until a couple of years ago (self discipline, not a strong suit). Then, I was struck by a series of events, a few moments of clarity, and a touch of self discipline. I hope that by sharing my experiences, your journey can be much more direct than mine and you can start living a heart healthy lifestyle immediately.

You can reach me via the contact page here at heartgeek or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.


Paul Maher, HeartGeek

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