Heartgeek Training With Moose!

Triathlon Weekly Training

I hit the beach last weekend for a little training with a couple of longtime friends and fellow triathlon participants.  The wife and kids were away at Grandmas, so I was flying solo.  Early Saturday morning, I went for a four mile run, showered, and strapped the bike on the car. Salt Water Nemesis I […]

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Yes, Foot Pain Could Be a Blocked Artery

Blocked Iliac Artery

Like any good cardiac patient, I started exercising regularly after my heart attack.  I began with short walks and eventually built up to running 2-3 miles at a time.  Then my right leg died! The death of my leg did not happen over night.  I noticed that my leg felt like it was “dragging” when I […]

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Triathlon Training – Swimming Sucks!

triathlon swim

Just a quick note on the triathlon training.  The good thing about announcing my intent to do this thing on my blog, I feel somewhat accountable to see it through.  The bad thing, I won’t be able to blow it off like I did last time. I officially started training when I got back from vacation.  […]

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Why Does the Ocean Make Me Feel Better?

I am on vacation in the Outer Banks (NC) with a dozen or so members of the Maher clan.  Sitting here watching the sun rise and listening to the break of the ocean waves is not a bad way to start the day.  I like being near the ocean for a number of reasons: I […]

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Is It Safe To Do a Triathlon After a Heart Attack?

There is a reason you hear about people dropping dead during these events.  Heart attack or not, endurance events put a significant strain on the body, particularly the heart.  If you are going to train for and compete in one of these events, it’s important to understand your underlying cardiac condition and always consult your […]

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Why I Am Volunteering With Mended Hearts

When I was in the hospital recovering from bypass surgery, a volunteer from an organization called Mended Hearts paid a visit to my room.  This was seven years ago and I was a little pumped up on morphine, so I don’t remember the name of the person or even what we talked about. I do […]

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